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C_W Tapes 005: yosup - The World Is A Vampire



yosup’s debut full length, The World Is A Vampire, out now! Themes of paranoia, anxiety, and the minutiae of everyday technological existence prevade the two sides of TWIAV, limited to 100 cassette tapes. Includes one of 4 limited edition, numbered prints.




Mi corazon
se llena de agua
con pececillos
de sombra y plata

- Lorca

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Nick Drake - ‘Time Has Told Me’ from Five Leaves Left

“It is easier to know what we flee from than what we seek. Most of us understand this, yet we repress it in favor of living the good life. Doing so, however, is a race against time. We are all human sandcastles. Here lies the temporal solution to horror- to understand ambivalence as movement toward both life and death, which means to further, and to limit, contain, or resist, decay by embracing it.”


On Ambivalence: The Problems and Pleasures of Having It Both Ways by Kenneth Weisbrode


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C_W Tapes 003: Crouching_World - Wasted Time


Newest reissue of Crouching_World’s second EP, “Wasted Time.” Two lengthy electrofied improv tracks with bonus “Godzilla!” included on the tape only. Limited Edition of 100 black tapes. 

Purchase and download below:


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I ask myself this a lot.

I ask myself this a lot.

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: C_W Tapes 002: Paragus - Project Mercury


Newest offering from Paragus on limited edition of 100 black tapes. The tape itself includes a total different listening experience, mixed by Paragus himself.

For full frequency listening experience play cassette tape through 160W bass amp with 12” speaker at high volume.

C_W Tapes 001: Crouching_World - Passed Out


First Crouching_World release now out on limited edition of 100 red tapes. Physical cassette includes exclusive bonus track.

Intended to be listened to as a whole.


KORG Electribe MX, KORG microKORG, Manipulated Thumb Drum, MacBook, Guitar, mad pedals, microphone + vox. 

recorded live on 03/25/2010 (NO OVERDUBS) 
originally released digitally on 12/04/2010.
released 15 June 2012 
Crouching_World Collective: 
Jober, SNuffy, Paragus, Sabez, Kevin K.



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blah blah blah boring film/fiction/television criticism…add David Foster Wallace quote…blah blah blah uninteresting analysis…David Foster Wallace said this about film/literary fiction/television….blah blah blah more obvious conclusions. - an obnoxious percentage of contemporary criticism

'this critic must know what he or she is talking about' - everyone's opinion when they see a DFW quote thrown in to any criticism

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